Jacco – Vocals

Jacco de Wijs
Weapon: Vocals
Other bands: Various Projects, Bits and Bobs
Hobbies: Electronics, Computers and Programming, Pipe Organ Building, Flight Simulation (alas, not the real thing… YET!)
Loves: All Things Retro, Nature, Kindness, Going Places, Staying Home
Hates: Dishonesty and Injustice, Narrowminded People, Mushrooms
Inspirations: Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Boris Karlov, R.J. Dio (R.I.P.), Ivo Papasov, Ian Gillan, Ted Neeley, Esma Red┼żepova (R.I.P.)
Food and Drinks: Gin & Tonic, Good Wine, Proper Beers, COFFEE, Fjellbek, Grilled Meats (in moderation), Anything Nice Really…
Battle cry: Kunnen + Willen + Durf = Doen! (If You Can, If You Want, If You Dare: Go For It!)