Koen Vuurdichter- Guitar

Koen Vuurdichter
Weapon: Guitar / Backing Vocals
Other bands: Detonation, ex-Apophys, ex-Disquiet, Cardamon, Engorge and many others
Hobbies: writing, making music, reading
Loves: nature, astronomy, science fiction, good food, passionate people, spending time with my family, sleeping, dreaming
Hates: Unnecessary noise, stupidity, greed, warfare, inequality
Favorite Bands: Pain of Salvation, Dissection, Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow
Food and Drinks: coffee, gin tonic, wine, bourbon, pasta, risotto, sushi, patat oorlog
Favorite book: 2001 A Space Odyssey – Arthur C. Clarke. / currently: Dark Matter – Blake Crouch
Battle cry: ‘helemaal klaar mee’