Joost welcomes El Misti Cajóns to his acoustic equipment!

Acoustic show footage

Last week we were asked to play some acoustic versions of our songs at a castle for a mainstream crowd. We thoroughly enjoyed this and we are stoked to work on other acoustic songs. Parallel to our new album of course. Hereby the link to the page, check it out and enjoy the tunes:

Velua “Beast Hammer” pendant.

Ladies and gentlemen, Almost one year ago we released our 5th full length album called VELUA. Both music and artwork were inspired by the myths and legends of the Veluwe. The album cover featured the iconic beasts of the Veluwe forged into a hammer. Today we present to you the VELUA pendant or “Beast Hammer”. Designed by Heidevolk and Awik Balaian, crafted and moulded by Asgard Crafts. Available in our webshop now! Oh, and it […]

Documentary “Hail to Vinland – Heidevolk’s Pagan Folk Metal” Indiegogo campaign.

Friends, Hereby we present to you the promo video of “Hail to Vinland – Heidevolk’s Pagan Folk Metal”. The team of “little victories” will produce a documentary about us this summer and they need your support! Please take a look at the vid, click the link to their kick starter project and support. On behalf of Little Victories and Heidevolk, thank you!

Heidevolk @ Fortarock (NL), Melkweg Amsterdam (NL) and Ragnardrock (FR)

Huge news! We have been confirmed for Fortarock 2016! We’re really stoked about playing this festival which has been visited by various members of Heidevolk in the past! We’d also like to announce that we’ll be playing at Ragnardrock in France on July 16th! This will be one of two festivals in France that we’ll be playing at this year (the other being Hellfest) And a good thing it is for we haven’t played in […]

Poland tour & new merch

We’re halfway through the tour in Poland and we’re absolutely loving it. The crowds are great and the people we’ve met made us feel really welcome. We have 3 more shows left and then we’re heading home in time for the Yule festivities. Speaking of Yule, we have some great new merchandise available at Firebird Industries which would make awesome gifts to give to a friend or yourself!